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Thursday, September 4, 2008

~ Rose = Roja = Ros ~

Hi guyzzz..... hru .... how is life... mine off cos awersome with the same routine.... anyway past few days i was checking out alll the local uni website to knw either they provide 2nd intake for tis year r nt.... at last i found utm intake.... ermmmm was trying to open n open since mowning bt than really f**kmy office connection n need to ask help with my jaan... she aso was trying to open which was the same situation happen oever there.... End up with kaini pc... At last she can browse the utm website... bt than after iam rushing i cant make it to apply by the time... sum f the documents i didnt bring along... need to back home n do it...pray god my dear friends i should have the oppurnity to continue my degree in UTM.... after that my stomach starting to call for the food pulak so its time to get sum food...ops forgot lah sumthing!!!! actully when iam checking out utm website in between my cousin sis give me intro... she said hey sivanes u go n see ms k(name are nt displayed)blog... aiyoo she said her blog luks like she really bossting bout herself... MAY GOD!!!wat she said is true... she is talking like so great haish....n... BACK TO MY HUNGRY STOMACH!!!ITS OLADY SHOWING STRICK SIGN TO GET SUMTHING....SO,I went down n attack SDS.. tell them to goreng bi hun singapore style nice lah guyzz.... so delicious n tasty.... hurrrmmmm sedapnya.... u want r nt ??? let me knw ok sure n very2 sure i cant post for u wokey bluuuurrppp wei~ than after my lunch back to blog again... read sum other interesting blogzzzz.... there i get sumthing for yur knowledge.... wanna knw just scroll down...

~~ Red - Love, beauty, courage and respect
~~ White - Purity and innocence, silence or secrecy, also reverence and humility
~~ Pink - Appreciation," Thank you", grace, perfect happiness, and admiration
~~ Dark Pink - Appreciation, gratitude
~~ Light Pink - admiration, sympathy
~~ Yellow - Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning
~~ Orange - Desire, and enthusiasm
~~ Red and White - Given together, these signify unity.
~~ Red Rosebud - A symbol of purity and loveliness
~~ White Rosebud - Symbolic of girlhood
~~ ThornlessRose - Signifies "Love at first sight

so my buddy's after this if u plan to give rose its better to see for the meaning n give it at the ryte time to the ryte person...
Yday may lord my cute n handsome GANESHA burfday.... but than it was heavy rain for the whole day... maybe lord ganesh like rain this year kekekeke u knw wat guyzz ???when we all tuk lord ganesh out f the temple for visit its was still raining but v dont care about it as v all went to the rain n walk along with him hahahaha was nice after so long walking in rain like childish.... in raining v all still non stop singing his songs... later in temple alot f food was there sugar cane, ladoo, jelabi,his most FAVOURITE MOTHAGEM, sweet ponggal n even i saw one guy bring all the local msia fruit in one big tray such as laicy, mata kucing, nenas, goa, dragon fruit and also one big comb f banana.... i was just waiting for the dragon fruit n at last i get it.... Here i got attach with his stories,solegam and pic.....

Ganesh Chaturthi - Birthday of Lord Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu Festival. It is celebrated on the 4th day (chaturthi) of the bright fortnight month of Bhadrapada (August-September) in Hindu Calendar. The celebration continues till Anantha Chaturdasi which is for 10 full days.
There are interesting stories associated with Ganesh Chaturthi and its significance. One of the most popular legend found in Skanda Purana says, once Ganesha was invited for a feast in Chandralok. The joyous Ganesh feasts himself to his heart's content. But he grows very restless and feels that his stomach would burst out. In order to prevent the stomach from bursting out, he ties a snake around it. But he was not able to balance himself after the huge meal and stumbles and falls. The moon watches the scene from the sky and laughs at Ganesh.
Angered, Lord Ganesh curses the moon to vanish from the universe. However because of the moon's absence, the whole world began to wane. So the gods asked Shiva to persuade Ganesha to relent. The moon also apologized for his misbehavior. On Shiva's intervention, Ganesha modified his curse. He announced that the moon would be invisible on only one day of a month, and would be partially seen for the Ganesha Utsav most part.
On the occasion of the Ganapati festival a large number of images are made of all possible sizes, and people buy them to keep in their houses as a divine guest for one and a half, five, seven, or ten days. On the day of the Chaturthi, shrines are erected, firecrackers let off, huge images of Ganeshji are carried in grand procession for 'Ganesh Visarjan' accompanied by the sound of devotional songs and drums. The idol should not be kept after this day, as it is considered inauspicious.

Before starting the Pooja take a cleansing bath and wear clean clothes. Clean the place of worship, Ganesh idol or picture and all other pooja articles. Place a betel leaf or a clean plate before the god. Make a Ganesh vigraha with turmeric and water to from a thick dough and shape it with your hands. Place kumkum on it and decorate it with flowers. Decorate the idol also with flowers and grass (Arugam pul if available). Prepare the Prasad for Ganesh. Place the Prasad before the Lord on a banana leaf or clean plate. Plate fresh fruits and coconut.
Light the lamp and start the pooja. Offer flowers, fruits and Prasad to the Lord while chanting Ganesh Chaturthi slokas. End the pooja by offering prasad to everyone.
The turmeric vigraha should later be immersed in water after completion of pooja on the final day.
The pooja should be started when Chaturthi sets in. It is also believed that moon should not be looked that day as that will bring bad luck for the whole year.

Ganesh Chathurthi Slokas

Suklaambara Dharam VishnumSashi Varnam Chatur BhujamPrasanna Vadhanam DhyaayetSarva Vighna Upashaanthaye
Agajaanana PadmaarkamGajaananam AharnishamAnekadantham BhaktaanaamEkadantam Upaasmahey

Thathpurushyaaya Vidhmahe Vakarathundaaya Dheemahi Thanno Dhandhi Prachodayaaath

Vakratunda MahakaayaSuryakoti SamaprabhaNirvighnam Kuru Mey DevaSarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada

Vishvaathi bhootham hrudhiyoginam vai Prathyacharoopena vibhanthamekam Sadhaa niraalambha samaadhigamyam Thamekadhantham sharanam vrajama

Om Eaekadanthaye VidhmaheVakratundaye DheemahiTanno Buddhi Prachodhayat

Gajananam Bhootha Ganaathi Sevitham,Kavitha Jambu Manasara BakshithamUma Sutham, Soka Vinaasa Haaranam,Namaami Vigneshwara, Phaadha Pankajam

Mooshika Vahana Modhaga HastaShyamala Karna Vilambitha SutraVamana Rupa Maheshwara PutraVigna Vinayaka Pada Namaste

Tamil Slokam
Vaakundam Nalla Manamundam, Maa MalaraalNokundam, Meni Nudangaadu Pookondu,Thuppar Thirumeni Thumbikaiyaan Paadham,Thappamal Saarvaar Thamakku.