Be My Valentine Tonight.
Friday, September 26, 2008

PrEsEnTaTiOn + LePaKzZz

Hi frenzzzz iam back!!! anyway past one week i was damn buzy... On saturday i went to klg for diwali shopping.... nice ha the punjabi suits i think its better v go for early shopping if nt v can get the beautiful collections.... i bought 3 punjabi suits dy hahahaha now waiting to attact spore bazzar... than on Monday i went to mlk cos need to do presentation on Thursday... My beloved jaans plan to meet earlier so that v can lepak together ryte.... ANYWAY IT WAS FULL OF BEAUTIFUL,SWEET AND FOREVER MEMORIES....... i just MIZZ THEM ALOT.... u r the best... v all just enjoy alot n alot... ok let me start for monday...

Monday 22/09/08:- I arrive in melaka at 4.30 pm but waited for wani jaan until 5.30pm..Than, my frens told me to wait in mcd... by the time i was waiting they stand behind of me .... I JUST HUG THEM TIGHTLY.... n the time shows 6.10pm its nearly time to buka posa.... so v all plan to buka posa kedai kuning which is nearly to MMU... After v tuk our dinner, than i thought wanna go n meet Jeany my another cute fren... When i was talking with my fren in SFC i saw vithya my housemate walking cross over me... i stop her n was lepak with her forwhile.... than she ask me to flow our old house... oklah as wat she ask me i just flw her.... my rum as take over by sabrina n kanazzz... They change my ex rum to new luks... anyway i just miss my bed alotzzz its really lucky house,rum and bed... I get sum of the stories n was really upset when i hear sabzzz uncle past way bcos shouted by the stupid n f**k police... MAY GOD!!! there is alot f thives n other criminals outhere but they went n shot him for the mistakes he did for a long time ago... he his fly man plus his children's are young.... This stupid police cant realise it atleast they can punish him ryte put him in jail r do sumthing else nt to say go n shot ryte... Around 10pm++ my jaan's called me they need to go back wani house... i was staying there too....

Tuesday 23/09/08:-I start my life as early around 5am i woke up n sahur with my frens n fly... Something new for me frenzzz but nice yaa... than i asked my friend to bring me temple which is near to mmu.... its mariamman temple very2 powerful n help me alot for my education. After tat we went to mmu forwhile n next have our journey to MENARA PERMATANG SARI which is near to dataran pahlawan... Later v have our walk in to dataran pahlawan n plan to watch muvie.. MIRROR..... nice yaa quite scary cos its ghost story first i do want to have the attention to watch the muvie cos i like to watch sum other muvie bt bcos f wani jaan she force me alot n bring me to watch the muvie.... After the muvie we plan to buka posa in kedai kuning again with my DBIS gengsss.....

Wednesday 24/09/08:- Tdy i slept n didnt woke up for sahur.... we all nicely sleep n wake up at 1pm hahahahaha.... Than took our bath n suppose to go finance to pay our fees but than no time yaa by the time v reach finance is closed... so v went to jusco.... Jusco having sale now so i plan to buy things for my mum n bought tshirt-jeans for Mista naren....

Thursday 25/09/08:-Final day.... My presentation start at 3.10pm-3.30pm... my hand startes to shake n was tension too... but at last it was goes on as smooth.... My panel was ms usha.v n mr hafifi both r friendly n they talk with me nicely... FUHHH~ ATLAST I END UP MY DIPLOMA.... anyway thanks mmu to give me gud education,lesson of life and also gave me chance to meet my jaan's.... Now its time to go back JB... i just hug n cry them... really my heart feel sum kind when i leave them.... i went far frm them....

p/s:- Here with, i attach with beautiful poem special dedication for my jaan'zzzzz(Wani,Daya,Hajar,Hana,Oleen,Noi,Aniz,Abil,K.Dilla,K.Fisha)

We were close friends
I believed you were sent from above
I knew
I could count on you
For anything I needed
And when I needed you most
you were always there
till the day you found love
And had to move away
But I knew you still cared
For we still can be friends
Only from a distance
Through phones lines we'd talk
Did not make the difference
We were still friends
Even though long distance
I do miss our sleepovers
And the pranks you'd pull
And our long talks and
Our laughs we used to share
And how you made me feel better
Just by being there
I miss you my JAAN'S
And I know you still care
We are friends forever
You and I
Friends till the end
The day I die