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Friday, September 19, 2008

FuHhH~ At LaSt?????

Hi frenzzz, sowi guyzzz suppose i should post yday ryte about previous day incidents but abit lazy yaa.... anyway u knw wat I PASS MY JPJ TEST YAAAPPIIIIEEE!!!!! OMG i just cant belive it n even pinch myself lolz.... but than its true lah wei... that jpj uncle nalla irukenum kudhabam kutty's ode 100 varusham nalla irekunum.... hehehehehe... its nt easy to pass lah but still i did it... syabashh for now i olady finish up my driving and practical next week iam going to mlk for presentation most probably i can pass yaa... In my mind its just two matter first is MUET second is UTM... Pls yaa hopes alot i should enter utm....