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Thursday, August 14, 2008

BaCk tO BlOg ...

Hi fren's hru how is life ??? ermmmm u knw wat since mowning i just read sum of blogs which i found quite interesting n nice... nt to say politician r famous ppl blog but just normal ppl which full of stories hehehehehe really funny lah guyzz.... Make me sense to post sumthing tdy... In a while can say in another 2 days iam leaving to Vietnam ... Ho Chi Minh i think should be interesting places i heard alots of comments bout tis place those said nice place to be visit ... n even things over there quite expensive yaa... Even their currency (Dong) cheaper than Malaysia but still some shops in Vietnam accept only USD... so cant buy alot ryte :( still i wont care bout it... enjoy is enjoy... shopping is 2nd ryte... iam gonna rock myself with my beloved bf naa~total waste time for now with my BELOVED PARENTS ... i want to change myself ... want to set my mind towards my life goal wah gitu kan... ermmm now aso iam doing that but still i should be remind n stabil with my dreams n thought's... Wanna archive alots... ermmm i just wanna share about a lady i use to admire alot... Her name Mdm Normalah she is big man in HR deparment for Grand Banks Yatch... Its aso big company even my dad said that she can even talk infront f 10 men's who r same position r better than her... i think she very bold n aso can communicate as well... She is aso active in UMNO puteri bahagian Pasir Gudang... so i use to say my mum that even she is malay but i should be like Mdm Normalah too... i should overcome all my probzz in my life than became sumone as well THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD TURN N LUK AT ME ONE DAY....wat ever it is iam in Vietnam mood... i got buy new skirt with purple blouse... Blouse cost alot around rm129... i bought in MNG n aso nt forget my new sandal in Vincci its cost i think rm40++ ..... Tdy i should go n do packing... tomorrow i'll be bz with kutthu villaku pojja in Masai temple ... My father bought almost 60 saress untung ryte those who join that pojja... i plan to wear saree tomorrow nice ryte like princess f the day haish perasaan jer lebih... ok gtg go now... do want to make crappzz in blog ....chaooww~