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Thursday, July 3, 2008

PrObZzZ WhEn hAvInG ScAnDaL'S

hahahahaha refer to the above topic sure everyone olady guess wat is happening ryte .... anyway having scandal aso sumtimes will give u alot of probzzz ermmmm like yday u knw guyz???? my scadal haish .. when i was 18 before enter to mmu ... was having affair with a guy just talk in phone ony lor .... PROMISE YAA i never been saw him aso before tis but than this matter was going on serious in tis year ... i just dunw wat to do aso so decide to avoid him but than he is keep on following me ... boleh tak ??? than finally i just told him all the probzz n want to avoid him whole f my life ... but than he cried alot n make me so sad ...i think guyzz this one whole week iam quite sad lah ... dunw wat to do aso ... so after tis i must be careful in having scandals aso ... kekekeke.... n wait for my prince cheyyy wei ... n tdy i learn to do billing ... ermmm quite easy lah but must remember the following steps yaa... ok guyzzz .... that is all for now later anything will update with u all wokey ....