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Thursday, July 24, 2008

pLs rEaLiSe tErEnGgAnU!!!!

Hi guyzzz hehehehe should be SUPRISE with my topic ryte... u knw wat ??? tdy mowning i read newpaper n saw one article about ministers's in terengganu driving mercedes benz and do want to use perdana v6... boleh tak ??? all the communitys in msia suffering with fuel price which increase recently but tis ppl want to use merce n said that perdana v6 their parts is nt so gud like foreign carzzz where they got money ha guyzz??? for sure they took ppl income tax n affort to buy foreign carz especially merce pulak... Goverment advise malaysian's to use bicyle r public transport but TERENGGANU MINISTER'S BUY 14 MERCEDES BENZ!!!! if these ppl infront f me means abislah wat they think guyzzz... V all stupid is it they want to drive luxury car v must work like hell boleh tak mcm tue??? Now days ha i feel msia nt like those day alot f probzz occure luks like nt peace country dun guyzz one day msia became like pakistan n afganistan hehehehehe hopes our minister's will realise with thier mistake n DUN KILL US !!!!!

P/s:-My latest pic i tuk in office...