Be My Valentine Tonight.
Monday, July 21, 2008

KaLaI VaNaKaM _/\_

hie frens hru how is life??? heheheh long time dy i didnt post anything even i got alot f news to share but than mls nak type lor kekekekeke anyway ermmm wat should i tell ha ermmm ok start with health.... last week in NST they is article on pregancy n the fud. wt they said is pregancy women better to reduce junk food tis will cause child obese so better v be careful when pregancy time ha ..... n than i aso read bout advantage of eating vegetable can say change as vegeterians really gud u knw guyzz but ha mmg susahlah want to change fully cos v r still young of cause will have the desire to eat ryte maybe in future if u r getting age try to change be vegeterians wokey hahahahaha ok plus one interesting article aso come out a lady age of 33 frm 120 kg reduce her weight to 88kg in one year wow that is great but she said that for one year she didnt mkn rice at all... but than cant belive lah guyzz maybe she should take any medicine ryte???? anyway guyzzz u knw wat i suppose to post tis blog yday but than have to post tdy mowning ony... cos yday i flw to bring her baby to GH aiyooo she is SOOOO CUTE!!!! just fall in luv with hairin gurl... Yday i confernce chat with my dearest fren's jebon nget wani kama hehehehe really so nice lah bt just forwhile ony... hey guyzz miss u all alot muaaakkkzzz ok dearz if anything later will upload... bubye luv u all alot!!!