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Monday, July 28, 2008

HuMaN's ChAnGe aLoT ......

Hie guyzzz hru how is life hehehehehe sure u all cant ans ryte but than just small curious to knw lah ryte...ermmmmm anyway guyz past two days i was in KLANG wat to say ha actually my main point to went there is to visit my granny(father's mum)... She is 5n i guess...before i went there ony was start with my bad flu n yes confirm i arrive with BAD FLY OPS FLU hehehehe have to get one pharmacy n buy medicine .... than it wat quite tiring guyzz cos need to back on sun ryte so just one ony v stayed over there as wat i realise is ppl CHANGE ALOT.... they think thier kids r great n smart than other .... u knw wat i was the one first enter mmu n than only sum flw there but these ppl talking like their son is great even can say "To enter foundation v need gud marks nt for diploma" Boleh tak guyzzz ??? i didnt mean than those do foundation in mmu is nt great but PLS LAH u think wat mmu stupid to give cgpa or even the dip cert as simple is it... come on lah guyzz wat ever it is u have to study hard n archive ryte .... if yur son so smart means come on lah tell him to get jpn scholar n study in overseas lah u dun knw wat the nonsense crap things yur son doing in mmu but pandai2 nak ckp org ha... watch out lah yur mouth the thing is iam still young to talk back with u but dun think lah yur son can get 4 flat as easy it is wokey... Plus they said FOUNDATION IS DIFFCULT THAN DIPLOMA... hey pls lah foundation sumthing like asas to enter degree ryte sumthing like A level dip is nearly to degree u can select one course n study bout it ... its nt like general ryte... aiyoo i dunw lah how to explain with those not educated hahahaha leave it lah god knw's to punish this type f ppl's ryte i just pray to god ... n aso must enter university soon ... tdy early mowning i called UTM n as for second intake... they said 2nd intake will be for dec n application start on end f sept... pray to god i must enter there lah n show to my those relations I CAN DO IT!!!!Any course iam nt worry but i heard that they just offer few course ony its k lah as long i can do the cos hopess for computer sci r biz subzzzz....ermmm ops forgot to tell that my mum bought for me beautiful punjabi suit cute lah guyzzz i really like it ... its colour in pink fuyooo just adore it tomorrow will snap n upload here...u knw guyzz i just learn alot frm my those relations for me frens means better than ever... its k one day u might realise wat u talk r did will hit u back... i just luv my fly members my amma appa anna's anni's n aso naren nnnnnnn nt forget my dearest JAAN'S they r the best n best.... They really understand me alot... ok guyzzz i really damn hot here hehehehe u can see through my blog ryte anyway guyzz luv u all alot muuuaaaxxxxx anything will upload soon yaa....

p/s:-My cousin's in candid shot hehehehe if they knw means sure will kill me !!!

p/s:-Simply the best f me me me

P/s:-My leave application form