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Thursday, July 31, 2008

HuMaN's BeInG CrUeL....

Hie fren's hru... hahahahah past few days iam talking about human's ony ryte... yeappzzz i just can take it with humans characther which they think theirself is VERY GREAT than other. U knw wat guyz ??? last blog i mention about ppls who said FOUNDATION IS BETTER THAN DIP RYTE.... guess wat this time??? yday my cousin bro come n said to my mum "Aunty dun let jayanthi(myself) to work in alex stewart ony let her to finish up her degree atleast she must get it ... her bro did master ryte so let her to continue degree".... maybe u all can think he said as advise r general but when u listen his tone f telling sure can feel my pain and vain..He think wat my fly no one is educated is it r he think iam STUPID ha... ello bro come on lah realise that my anna studied until master so for sure he wont let me to stop in dip or my OWN PARENTS WONT LET ME DOWN...Ylah guyzz ppl's being so cruel iam so sad dearz ... that is y iam trying my level best to get into UTM... even MMU IS THE BEST aso but for my nonsense relations i must enter UTM n show to them... PLS GOD MUST BE ALWAYZ BESIDE ME.... its k one day they all will realize their mistakes alwayz remember which goes around will come around.. i just LUV MY FREN'S alot they r the one who really be with me all the time.... n MY BELOVED PARENTS PLUS MY BLOG hahahaha alwayz any prob's ony sure will come n update in blog ryte... ermmmm but now iam quite tired with my driving clazz haish just cant wait to finish it... once i got license that will be better ryte... ok guyzzz i need to move ops forgot to tell now iam update with my new blog style cheiii wei how is it yaa ???