Be My Valentine Tonight.
Monday, June 23, 2008

BaBy sTeP ....

Hie this is my first ever day to enter blog world ... ermmm wat should i say ..... should start withwelcome i guess hehehehe ... so WELCOME MY DEAR FREN'S TO WORLD SURROUND ME ....okeeeyyyyy next is time to intro bout myself my name Sivaneswary Manikam frm jb ... age 20 finish my dip in Business Information Systems ... n currently doing my practical in Alex Stewart pasir gudang ... status i think single but ...... hehehehehe my fly 2 baiya iam only princess ... i got 2 sis in law n aso one cute nephew(the one who make me tension n aso happy argghhhh). I got one special person in my life ... his name Jegan ... Pray to god as he will alwayz be my next foot step f my life journey....Not forget to tell about MY DEAREST JANN'S ....They all make my life full f colourful n leave me with best memories.... Even cant mention all their names ... Just cant forget all f u .... iam nt sure either will back to MMU r nt but there is no one can replace all f yur place in my deep heart...That is all about my life .... More details plz log in to http://